_Misty River RV Park and GlampingLO_
Fishing on the private bank of Wilson River.
11300 Wilson River Hwy, Tillamook, OR 97141
Phone: 503-842-2750
How to reset Asus Router (Best using iPhone)
1. Press and hold the reset button for 5 seconds to boot up the router (no need to connect to Internet).

2. After wifi lights turn on, go to smart phone's wifi setting, and connect Asus.

3. A router set up window will pop up. If not, open a browser, and type in router.asus.com.

4. Set up WiFi.

5. Go back to phone's wifi setting, and connect to the WiFi set up in Step #4.

6. Log in to the router (user name is "admin", and password is also "admin").

7. Change admin's password from default "admin" to "tillamook").